Snowstorm works both as a widget, and an application. Both can be configured, and some of the configuration is shared between the widget and the application.

You will reach the widget specific parts if you tap on an installed widget, and in the forecast view selects menu, and then settings. The widget tab that you see there, won't be visible if you go to settings from the application view.

Common configuration

The common configuration is what you see if you go to settings through the application. It will also be visible if you go to settings from an installed widget.

The global tab

The global tab contains settings are commonly used, and affects both widgets, and the application.

Snap to larger places

Changes to that Snowstorm will try to filter out places that are small, and possibly don't have population.

Only manual updates

Changes so that forecasts aren't automatically downloaded. Set this to true if you want to control when forecasts should be downloaded. You can force downloading of a forecast by tapping on a widget, selecting menu in the forecast view, and then selecting refresh.

Only update if Wifi

Changes so that Snowstorm only downloads forecasts if WiFi is detected.


Decides if Snowstorm should use the cell towers to get current location, or if it should get current location from GPS data. Snowstorm will in both cases download a forecast for the current location unless you specify a hardcoded location in the Widget tab (only applicable for widgets)

Use Celsius

Decides if temperatures should be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Use Metrics

Decides if Metrics should be used instead of Imperial units.

Use 24h clock

Decides if time should be displayed using 24h clock, or AM/PM.

Unit to display pressure in

Decides what unit to display air pressure in.

Unit to display wind speed in

Decides what unit to display wind speed in.

Use Swedish language

Decides if Swedish language should be used or not.

Font size in details dialog

Decides what font size to use in the details dialog.

Display days in 4x1 widget

Decides if the 4×1 widget only should display day forecasts.

Use night icon for evening

Decides if night icons should be used as evening icons if evening icons are missing in the current skin.

The global/advanced tab

The global/advanced tab contains settings that seldom are changed. Changes affects both widgets, and the application.

Update frequency in minutes

Decides how often the widget should check if there is a newer forecast. A forecast that is downloaded contains information on when it expires, so setting this to a low value does not mean that a forecast will be downloaded. It means that it might be downloaded depending on the “Threshold movement” value. This does also affect how often the widget on the background will change the displayed forecast. I.e. setting this to a value that represents 12 hours means that the weather widget will display the same forecast for 12h (unless you do a manual refresh). The forecast that is displayed in the widget might be old if this is set to a too high value.

Max result

The value to use for max result when trying to find a city/location from GPS coordinates. A high value means more network traffic, but can give better precision. This value is ignored if “Use Yr URL” if checked.

Initial radius in km

Determines how large the initial search area is when trying to find a known location from current position.

Expand on no hit in km

Indicates how much the search area should be expanded in km (one km is about 0.62 miles) if the previous search couldn't find a city/location in the previous search. Geonames can handle searches up to 300 km from the given location, so a very high value means that an expanded search won't be done. This value is ignored if “Use Yr URL” if checked.

Threshold in km

The value represents, in km (one km is about 0.62 miles), how much the user/phone can move from previous location without a new forecast being downloaded. E.g a value of 10 means that an old forecast, that still is valid in time, will be used if the user is moving less than 10 km from the location that the forecast represents. This value is ignored if “Use Yr URL” if checked. Note that the movement only is checked with the periodicity of “Update frequency minutes”.

Widget specific settings

Some settings are specific to each widget that is installed. Changes to these settings will only affect the current widget, and not the others.

The widget tab

The tab contains widget specific settings.


Decides if a hardcoded Yr URL should be used instead of current location. Note that current location never will be used if this option is selected.


The Yr URL to use if you don't want to use current location.

Fallback to YR URL

Decides if the weather widget should display the forecast for “Yr URL” if the current location can't be retrieved.

Use transparent background

Changes so a transparent background is used for the current weather widget. This setting overrides the default background for a skin.

Widget font color

The font color to use for location name, and temperature in the widget.

Widget day/time color

The font color to use for day and time in the widget.

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